Fulcrum Carbon Wheels

Carbon wheels and wheelsets available from Fulcrum

There is an extensive range of wheels made by Fulcrum with just three models of carbon wheels, covering low and medium profiles, plus a disc wheel.
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Fulcrum Racing Speed

Fulcrum Racing Speed
At a rim profile of 50 mm this carbon wheel is only available in a tubular model with the XLR version having a carbon hub, instead of the standard aluminium one. There is an 18/21 split in spokes front to rear with radial lacing on the front and Fulcrum 2 to 1 spoke doubling on the freehub side of the rear wheel.

The Fulcrum Racing Speed wheels are designed for versatility to cover a variety of rides as the rim profile gives good aero performance, while also being light enough to cope with mountain climbs. Wheelset weight is 1324g for the XLR and 1360g for the standard hub version, with both needing special pads for the carbon braking surfaces.

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Fulcrum Racing Light

Fulcrum Racing Light
This is the low profile lightweight carbon model for tackling hilly rides and is available in both tubular and clincher versions. It runs on the ceramic Fulcrum hubs that use their CULT technology, giving low friction responsive rotation and longer life. Spokes are divided into 22 radial on the front and 24 on the rear with doubling up on the drive side.

The Racing Light is compatible with Shimano and Campagnolo drivetrains and the wheelset weights are 1226g for the tubular and 1345g for the clincher wheel.

* Check Prices Here at the top Cycle Shops *

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