Shimano Carbon Wheels

The Dura Ace range of carbon wheels from Shimano

There are just two basic carbon wheels in the Shimano range although several new models will be available late in 2010. These wheels are in the Dura Ace series, comprising the 7850 tubular and clincher in a low and medium profile.
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Shimano 7850 Dura Ace 50mm Wheel

Shimano 7850 Dura Ace 50mm Wheel
With a higher profile of 50 mm this model of the DuraAce 7850 has increased aero efficiency. Like the lower profile model, these feature full carbon in the tubular wheel and a carbon/alloy combination in the clincher.

There is a similar spoke count in both front and rear wheels with butted bladed design and most other features in common, making selection a straightforward decision. Wheelset weights are 1469g for the tubular and 1725g for the 7850 clincher.

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Shimano 7850 Dura Ace 24mm Wheel

Shimano 7850 Dura Ace 24mm Wheel
This is the low profile carbon wheel of the pair with the DuraAce 7850 tubular having a rim height of 28mm for the front and 24mm for the rear, while the clincher has 24mm on both front and rear. Both rear rims are offset.

There is a 16/20 front to rear split in the stainless steel spokes which are butted and bladed with a wider axle on the rear with a titanium freehub body. The 7850 tubular is a full carbon construction and the wheelset weight is 1254g, with the clincher coming in at 1386g in a carbon and alloy composite combination.

At this profile the Dura Ace 7850 is obviously suitable for races that include mountain terrain with its inevitable climbs.

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